Why Gold Chains Come In Different Colors

Model Wearing Gold Chain

Model Wearing Gold Chain

Many of our customers ask what the difference in karats means for gold and why it comes in different colors on gold chains for women and men.  When gold jewelry is made it all starts out with the purest of gold in 24k. That would be way too soft to make jewelry as well as a much higher price. The answer is to mix it with other metals to bring it down to a metal that can be molded and hold its shape. Most jewelry is made into 14k, but a vast amount is done in 10k as well. For example 14k gold has a lighter yellow color than 18k and is mixed with more metals such as nickel and copper. White gold has more nickel type metals added to the gold to enhance that color as well.

Box Chain

Gold Box Chain

Sometimes you will see a stamp in the jewelry that says 585 instead of 14k. This is because it means the metal is 58.5% gold and the balance is meixed metals to make up the difference. If you have ever seen a rose gold chain it’s because the gold is mixed with a little more copper to give it the beauty of the pink. Many of the designer jewelry items and wedding bands are made in 18k and Platinum as well. Gold color and karat are all personal preference for the person wearing it, because people just have to be happy wearing the gold chains they choose.

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