Why People Love Gold Jewelry!

Jewelry Makes People Smile

It seems pretty obvious, but makes you think how it started and why people feel the ways they do about gold jewelry overall. It has always been seen in modern culture as a status symbol, but so many people wear it just because of the beautiful designs. Imagine a couple going out to dinner and the man giving the woman a loaf of bread instead of something like gold earrings or a silver chain for a present. It might go over well in some places, but most of the time we feel that the jewelry would have a better response.  A man might be happy getting something like a new power tool or ladder, but he would probably enjoy a watch much more in most cases.

Gold Diamond Cut Earrings

Gold Diamond Cut Earrings

It has been countless years since the idea of giving jewelry started. Maybe in caveman times, the men could come home with dinosaur bones and the women would be happy. We are pretty sure even back then if he brought home a necklace made of just rocks she would have a smile on her face. Actually, even now everyone is happy to have a spontaneous gift brought home to them, so maybe that wasn’t the best example. We are sure you get the idea of what we are saying about jewelry being fun to wear though.  Overall it really is the thought that counts, so any type of gold jewelry such as necklaces, chains, bracelets, earrings or anything you bring home should be greatly appreciated.

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