The Purity Of Metals In Gold Jewelry

The precious metal Gold is used in a variety of jewelry to make items such as Gold chains, bracelets, earrings, pendants and many others and has a long history of uses. The metal is extremely malleable while being durable and resistant. When crafted by jewelers into beautiful 14k white or yellow gold jewelry designs the possibilities for artistic creation are endless.

Gold Chains

Pure 24k gold is often mixed with other metals in order to give it even more strength. Remember, 24 karat gold is 100% pure gold and is more difficult to keep its form when not mixed with other metals. Some of the metals utilized in jewelry manufacturing are copper, silver, nickel and zinc. The color changes slightly depending on the final purity our jewelers create the jewelry with for the final products. That is why you will see that 24 karat gold is much more of a deep 14 karat yellow gold jewelry. Many people like the look of a darker yellow so they prefer 18 karat gold when buying jewelry. The metals purity chart on this page will give you a better understanding of the exact standards for the industry.

Precious Metals Purity
24 karat = 100% gold
22 karat = 91.7% gold
18 karat = 75.0% gold
14 karat = 58.3% gold
10 karat = 41.7% gold

Silver:925 = 92.5% Sterling Silver

Platinum: 950 Plat or Plat = 95% Platinum

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