The Meaning Of The Shamballa Style Bracelet

Celebrities Wearing Shamballa Style Bracelets

This has always been a fascinating topic for us, because we find it amazing how hot trends start.  The Shamballa style bracelets have been getting so much attention, because so many of the Hollywood celebrities have been wearing them.  The origins are from Tibetan Buddhist and Indian Buddhist backgrounds. The overall idea of the meaning of Shamballa is to be of something pure and real, which gives people a nice feeling to wear anything with such meaning. It makes complete sense that this would catch on so quickly, because everyone wants to be pure and real with positive energy.

Bon Shamballa Style Crystal Bead Bracelet

Others say the bracelet brings peace and tranquility to those who wear them, which translates into happiness overall. Whatever reason people wear these Shamballa style bracelets and jewelry really doesn’t matter as long as it makes them happy.  They are created in finely woven macramé containing beautiful crystal beads. In many cases they have pearls, onyx and hematite stones to compliment the bracelets as well. These styles come in many name brands and one of our most popular is the Bon brand.

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