The History Of Gold Earrings

Gold Earrings On Women

Piercing ears is one of the oldest forms of body modification that are referenced as art and dating back to 1500BC. Gold earrings became a fashion statement as far back as the 1590’s during the English renaissance. Back in 1577 it was written that men looking for women would wear earrings of gold  with stones or pearls. Even sailors would wear earrings as a symbol that they sailed around the world or had even went by the equator. You can even see pictures of William Shakespeare wearing earrings in portraits of him and many others.

14kt Diamond Cut Hoop Earrings

It was not until the late 1950’s into the 1960’s that piercings really started to take off and it became more mainstream for women to aspire to have earrings. The idea of precious metal earrings is a very big industry and most are either 14k gold earrings or Sterling Silver earrings made for women, but very popular for men as well. A few different types are hoops, diamond or gold studs, huggy and dangle earrings in addition to many more. This has become an important staple of the jewelry industry and jewelry in general as part of a collection for women around the world.

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