The History Of Charms And Charm Bracelets

Celebrity Wearing Charm Bracelet

We always found the origins of charms and silver charm bracelets very interesting. We have read that they originally started many years ago in ancient times to ward off bad spirits. They originally started off by being made of only rocks, shells and bones, but later progressed to materials such as nicer rocks, gemstones and even wood. They must have been really heavy to wear back then for sure and luckily someone came up with the idea to make them smaller. Imaging walking around with a charm bracelet that had a dinosaur bone on it or a piece of a tree! During the Roman Empire they would wear tiny fish charms to identify themselves and in Egypt they would be worn for good luck in various shapes.

Palm Tree Charm

Palm Tree Charm


We even read that people would wear these to show a certain political or religious conviction for themselves of the family they belong to. Queen Victoria was one of the first people in Europe to make the charm bracelet fashionable to signify various events in her life. Soldiers used to even buy charms to send home to relatives to show the places they were stationed around the world. It wasn’t really until around 1950 that it became mainstream to collector different types of charms to signify special events in your life, even though it had been done for many years before. The trend went away and had a resurgence over almost the last 20 years. Charm bracelets and the gold or silver charms on them seem to be a timeless way to commemorate times in your life and will be around a very long time.

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