The Etruscan Ring History

Women love bold jewelry so much and one of the boldest was the creation of Estruscan Ring from Etruria has a very rich history dating way back to the Villanovan Era. An abundance of time was spent producing items such as pottery and decorative items for the home. These bold and rich styles definitely seemed to symbolize the times and showed the wealth of the era. You will notice very rich and deep lines such as triangles and thick corners, which definitely have translated into this style of jewelry. The jewelry was made in so many different metals, but gold of course was of the the most precious.

The Etruscologists have spent many years and sometimes lifetimes trying to find facts about these times, but the unique style of the jewelry certainly symbolized the boldness of the era. Someplace between the 6th and 7th centuries it seems as those the art was perfected and defined. Many emblems we see now are still used in the styles such as a full or half moon with floral element and oriental inspiration. The southern states in the area of Tarquinia seemed to be the areas that created some of the finest and most beautiful jewelry that defined the period. Jewelry Megastore is proud to still offer such art crafted into Gold Etruscan Rings containing Sapphires and other gemstones such as Rubies that are accented with diamonds and enamel.

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History Of Wedding Rings

The history and meaning of wedding rings is very interesting and has some slightly varied meanings, but they all come back to one thing. They are all a way to show devotion to the person you are about the marry. The circular shape of a ring with no end is to symbolize the ongoing and lasting love that will last forever between a couple. Wedding rings are made of extremely strong metals such as gold and platinum to make sure they are durable and do last forever. That is also a symbol of our hopes for a marriage to last forever.

A diamond wedding band contains diamonds to have a stone that will last forever as well. They are extremely bright stones as well, so they have become very popular in the manufacturing of wedding rings both by hand and by machine. The wedding ring segment of jewelry stores is a fairly large percentage when a jeweler has a nice selection of them to choose from. We hope that everyone’s marriage will last as long as these beautiful pieces of art created by craftsman around the globe.

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Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Married!

Jessica Biel-Justin Timberlake’s New Wife
We had no idea how serious this couple was, but it looks like they are! We are really happy for Jessica  Biel and Justin Timberlake and wish them all the best on getting married in Italy. Her diamond wedding ring must be amazing like the ones you can buy on our site at Jewelry Megastore. We are pretty sure that Jessica has great taste in all kinds of jewelry and hopefully Justine will give her plenty of gifts over the years to make her sparkle even more.