The Origin Of Watches



We started thinking about why watches are so popular and where the first concept of wearing a wrist watch ever came. The idea of a timepiece of course started with clocks a very long time ago. Then we wanted to go even further and figure out who the first person was to wear one. It turns out the first watch was created by Patek Philippe in 1868 for Countess Koscowicz from Hungary. Then in 1880 Girard Perregaux made 2000 watches for German Naval Officers, but mostly women wore them until the first World War. In 1904 Louis Cartier started making watches and the first ones didn’t go on sale until 1911.

Men's Watch

Men's Watch

Even though these started to gain popularity, pocket watches remained among the favorites. A pocket watch can be very elegant, but seems like it takes up so much space compared to regular watches. During the war soldiers had to keep hands free so they started to wear wrist watches as well. In 1923 the self winding system was invented, although was too bulky to wear comfortably. In 1950 the first electric watches started being produced and it wasn’t until 1969 that quartz watches came out. Since then men’s and women’s watches have become very popular and even become a fashion statement.

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Why People Love Gold Jewelry!

Jewelry Makes People Smile

It seems pretty obvious, but makes you think how it started and why people feel the ways they do about gold jewelry overall. It has always been seen in modern culture as a status symbol, but so many people wear it just because of the beautiful designs. Imagine a couple going out to dinner and the man giving the woman a loaf of bread instead of something like gold earrings or a silver chain for a present. It might go over well in some places, but most of the time we feel that the jewelry would have a better response.  A man might be happy getting something like a new power tool or ladder, but he would probably enjoy a watch much more in most cases.

Gold Diamond Cut Earrings

Gold Diamond Cut Earrings

It has been countless years since the idea of giving jewelry started. Maybe in caveman times, the men could come home with dinosaur bones and the women would be happy. We are pretty sure even back then if he brought home a necklace made of just rocks she would have a smile on her face. Actually, even now everyone is happy to have a spontaneous gift brought home to them, so maybe that wasn’t the best example. We are sure you get the idea of what we are saying about jewelry being fun to wear though.  Overall it really is the thought that counts, so any type of gold jewelry such as necklaces, chains, bracelets, earrings or anything you bring home should be greatly appreciated.

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The Meaning Of The Infinity Necklace

Couples Show Sentiment By Wearing The Infinity Necklace

An extremely popular style in jewelry has become the Silver or Gold Infinity necklace and bracelet. It is kind obvious what it means, but we wanted to expand on the subject slightly. The symbol originated in Tibet and India many centuries ago. The carefree and unending design symbolizes the meaning of unity and being endless. This was carried over to becoming perfect unity of men and women and a perfect balance. This make ideal gifts for someone you care for dearly such as a close family member, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Infinity Necklace

The white gold Infinity necklace or the sterling silver version has become one of the most popular gifts to give in jewelry. Think about the special meaning of these and how much this symbolizes a way to show your love and caring for someone special. This is one of the ideal ways in sentimental jewelry to show how you feel about someone close to you. Many couples even wear matching versions of these to show how that they want to be together forever. This is one of our favorite pieces of jewelry that has such a special significance.

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Eddie Murphy’s New Girlfriend Paige Butcher!

Eddie Murphy-Paige Butcher

Eddie Murphy has been seen dating Paige Butcher a beautiful model. Eddie Murphy is the second highest grossing actor in the US. We hope that he buys her really nice holiday presents. Preferably a nice pair of diamond studs from Jewelry Megastore would be great since we have such a nice selection!

Star Wars 7 Update!

Star Wars

We all want to know how George Lucas selling Star Wars to Disney will effect the 7th part of the saga. The special effects should be absolutely amazing, but the big question is how will the final story turn out. We are looking forward to this for sure! We want to know if the Star Wars jewelry will be popular. Does such a thing even exist! We do think Princess Leia could use a pair of gold hoop earrings to dress up that cool hair a little. Maybe Han Solo or Luke Skywalker need to wear a gold chain to dress up those outfits a little as well from Jewelry Megastore.

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Married!

Jessica Biel-Justin Timberlake’s New Wife
We had no idea how serious this couple was, but it looks like they are! We are really happy for Jessica  Biel and Justin Timberlake and wish them all the best on getting married in Italy. Her diamond wedding ring must be amazing like the ones you can buy on our site at Jewelry Megastore. We are pretty sure that Jessica has great taste in all kinds of jewelry and hopefully Justine will give her plenty of gifts over the years to make her sparkle even more.

Kyna Treacy Model & ARod Flirting!

Kyna Treacy Model

Model & bikini designer Kyna Treacy has been seen flirting with Arod. Maybe he will even buy her a nice diamond ring someday if they stay together. No one really knows what’s going on between them, but they sure are in the news a lot. We are hoping he buys her a nice piece of jewelry from Jewelry Megastore someday! Then we will have even more to talk about. We have the latest and hottest styles like the new sideways cross, Shamballa style bracelets and so much more including custom rings.

Is Your Fashion Sense Killing You?

The Wall Street Journal thinks…maybe:

Baila Steinman first noticed the numbness in her leg on a trip to Israel in December. “From the knee to the pelvis, it was numb to the point of being painful,” recalls the 52-year-old occupational therapist.

Back home in Brooklyn, a neurologist had her balance on her toes, walk backward on her heels and push back when he put pressure on her legs. Then he asked, “Do you wear tight clothes? Control-top pantyhose? Tight belts?” When she nodded yes, the doctor, Irving Friedman, exclaimed “That’s it!”


Getty ImagesTightly cinched belts can cause numbness.

The culprit: the cinch belts Mrs. Steinman loves to wear. Dr. Friedman said they can compress a major nerve, the lateral, femoral cutaneous nerve, that runs from the abdomen to the outer thigh. He said he frequently sees the condition—called meralgia paresthetica—in policemen who carry guns on their hips and ballet dancers who wear tight tutus. “Anything that puts pressure on that nerve can cause it,” he said. “It’s very, very common.”

Mrs. Steinman still wears the belts she loves, just not buckled quite so tight. “I told my friends about this and they cracked up,” she says. “I said, ‘I’m just letting you girls know, this can happen to you.’ ”

Apparel and accessories that are too tight, too loose, too heavy, too high or too floppy can all create health issues. Wearers sometimes have no idea that the culprit is their clothes. Of course, modern sartorial trends aren’t nearly as punishing as Chinese foot binding or Victorian-era corsets, which could crush women’s ribs and displace internal organs.

Gals? Ya feelin’ this?

Rose McGowan Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show!

via Just Jared:

The 38-year-old actress walked the red carpet in the same red Roberto Cavalli gown paired with Giuseppe Zanotti heels, and a Judith Leiber bag.


Over the weekend, Rose paid a special visit to The Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita, Calif., where she helped feed and clean some of the organization’s 130 rescue animals.


Ok, two things. One, that’s Rose McGowan?

And two…Rose McGowan is 38?!?

We’ve never felt older. Thanks Rose.


Allen Iverson Stiffs His Jeweler

Bad, bad Allen I!

According to court papers obtained by TMZ … Iverson was sued back in 2010 for allegedly stiffing Aydin & Company Jewelers on a $375,000 bill.

The records show … A.I. never responded to the lawsuit … so a default judgement was issued in favor of the jewelry store … allowing A&C to collect $859,896.46 for the bling, court costs, interest and attorneys fees.

In Allen’s defense, why would his jeweler give him $375,000.00 worth of jewelry without a credit card?