History Of Gold Chains

Gold Chains

We started thinking about why people started wearing gold chains for women and men and found some interesting information about it. You know how cavemen used to wear things like animal teeth, stones or shells around their neck in the movies…Well, that’s actually how it all began! They would find these cool items and save them, so when in the caves they had something to do to pass the time. That last part was a guess, but makes sense.  Many years later older generations would start to include stones with color and include stones that had metal in them as well.

Gold Rope Chain

Gold Rope Chain

Eventually the Egyptians became known for using gold beads to accent these pieces to make them even more beautiful. Then even further along ancient Greeks would start to set stones of color into the gold to hold them in place. Eventually the jewelry became a status symbol among the wealthy. Now 14kt gold and silver chains have evolved into so many beautiful styles, because of the diverse selection. Jewelry Megastore is proud to continue the tradition of offering gold chains for men and women in styles such as Box, Rope, Pendant, Figaro, Curb and so many more.

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