Sideways Jewelry is HOT!

The sideways cross necklace has become extremely popular with celebrities in Hollywood.  These come in 14k yellow , white or pink gold. A sideways bracelet version is also available in these same vibrant colors of gold.  The collections comes in various styles as well and sideways jewelry overall is one of the hottest type jewelry now.

The other items available are the sideways evil eye, peace signs, doves and many more. The part that makes this such a versatile jewelry collection is the adjustable chain that can be worn from 16” to 18”, which make them perfect to wear with any outfit. Women around the country can’t get the gold crosses fast enough and they come with the 14k gold chains already assembled to the piece. We are sure you will absolutely adore this hot new sideways collection.  The East2West sideways jewelry collection is manufactured from the highest quality materials and assembly procedures. You will adore them and are sure to get many compliments.

You can find our Sideways collections here, here, here and here.

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