How Real Gold Dipped Roses Are Made

Real Gold Dipped Roses

The concept of a Real 24k Gold Dipped Rose is a tough one to grasp sometimes, but they are actually genuine and real roses. The process starts with selecting a slightly opened beautiful rose to show off the amazing shapes of them. Then they are put through a process called electro-forming, which is a way to freeze the rose forever in the current state and shape it comes in. After that the jeweler or craftsman will have actual pure 24 karat gold and apply it carefully to these roses.

24k Gold Dipped Rose

Once the gold has dried and becomes a solid formation around the entire stem then even more tedious work begins. The gold roses are then painted with vivid color lacquer and trimmed again in the 24k gold around the edges of the color in order to accentuate the beauty of each curve further. The colors of these come in a variety of such as the traditional red rose all the way to a rainbow of colors such as white, blue, green and a mix of endless possibilities as far as the artistic mind can imagine.

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