How Gold Chains Are Created

Even though most gold chains are created by machines many craftsman still enjoy making them by hand. Whether your making a men’s or women’s gold chain from it’s a very labor intensive process, but the intricate designs developed can be very unique. The way jewelers make chains by hand is a very interesting process. Before wire drawing machines came along it was completely done manually. Craftsman would have to hammer flat strips of gold and pull them manually through die forms until they were in the form of a very thin gold wire. The links each had to be cut, curved and soldered together. Luckily chain manufacturing machines have been around since the 17th century, which has made the process so much easier. These gold chain machines feed the wire into different type of machines named after the type they are manufacturing. For example companies have curb chain, rope chain, snake chain and figaro chain machines that do this automatically. Nothing can ever replace the beauty of creating a chain from scratch. Although these modern technologies exist, the art of making a chain by hand can result in the most beautiful and unique work done by artisans of the jewelry trade.

Article by Jewelry Megastore

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