Evil Eye Jewelry Origins

Gold Evil Eye Necklace

If you have ever wondered the meaning behind the hot new trend of Evil Eye necklaces and bracelets, now we have the answer. The term evil eye is a look that is given and believed by many cultures to cause injury or bad luck to the person it’s directed to. Many cultures believe that you don’t even know it’s happening so it’s important to wear a symbol such as another evil eye to ward the look off.  Some cultures even feel that wearing an evil eye not only keep the bad wishes away, but puts them back on the people doing them.

Celebrities Wearing Evil Eye Jewelry

Over the years this has just turned into a cool piece of jewelry and it makes people take notice. It’s incredible how products like this evolve into great gifts. One of the ways that these became so popular is that so many Hollywood celebrities have made this a staple in their collection. The gold versions of these usually have an enamel center to show the colors of the eye. It really doesn’t matter if you wear this as a necklace or bracelet, because overall they are beautiful pieces. We are sure that gold Evil Eye bracelets and necklaces are a trend that will last for many years to come.

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