Different Types Of Diamond Jewelry Setting Methods

This is a good quick overview of the different types of settings that are available for all types of jewelry. Customer ask questions like this about all our jewelry such as diamond hearts for Valentines Day regarding how they are made.

Bezel Settings

One of the first type settings invented was bezel setting. A bezel is a strip of metal made into the shape and size of the stone and placed into the piece of diamond jewelry. The stones are inserted into the bezel and metal  is over the stone to hold it in. This can work well for either faceted or cabochon stones.

Prong setting

Prong settings are the most common type, because it uses the least amount of metal to hold the stones in place showing most of the diamonds or other gemstones. These are normally wires called prongs with a different sizes and a seat is created in order to hold the stones in place.

Channel setting

Channel setting is a when the diamonds and gemstones in the gold and diamond jewelry is places between 2 bars of metal to hold them in the channel. The right way to channel set a stone is to notch the shape into the metal to properly hold it in place.

Bead setting

Bead setting is when the stones or diamonds in jewelry is placed into the metal and then tiny little beads are created around the stones to hold it in place. This is also called Pave settings when they are done very closely together with very small stones in gold and diamond jewelry.

Burnish setting

Burnish setting is when the diamonds and stones are pushed into the metal and you will not really see anything holding the stone. It’s a very clean and beautiful way to set diamonds in jewelry and has a very unique look.

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