Why Fans Love Sports Jewelry

Sports Jewelry Fans

Why is sports jewelry for football, basketball, baseball and others so popular and showing support of your favorite team become so important to us? The word sports really means leisure and in approximately the 1300’s it started to mean anything we think is entertaining. An easy way to think of it is anything that amuses or overall entertains us and has an activity related to it. Back in Ancient Greece sports appeared to become more uniform with activities such as the Olympic games. Many people say the sports activities became games and started from the military training its soldiers to be in shape and ready for battle.

NY Giants Jewelry

NY Giants Jewelry

Over the years, sports has become very commercialized with the media and this has built the fan base to be extremely large. Whenever it started, it is obvious that so many people really support their favorite teams very passionately. So many sports fans love wearing jewelry that has their teams logo on it, so they can proudly show support. Nothing is better to a sports fan than wearing a Giants charm or a Yankees pendant and any other team they support. This kind of sports team jewelry is especially beautiful when it’s made in gold or silver. Fan all over the world enjoy wearing sports jewelry charms and pendants like they do any other jewelry, because the styles have become so diverse.

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The Reason Fashion & Gold Jewelry Is Exciting

Jewelry Fashion Model

Jewelry Fashion Model

We came up with a really cool topic this week other than gold jewelry, silver chains or diamond cut earrings. It seemed like a fun topic to talk about overall why women like fashion in general so much. After a lot of thinking past the obvious that it’s just fun to shop online or in stores, something else came to mind. When you think about the fashion industry that includes clothes, models, acsessories and of course jewelry, what else do you think about? Think for a moment about all the excitement and work that is put into items and people looking beautiful by designers and stylists all over the world. The energy alone that is this world exudes is enough to get anyone excited.

Gold Earrings

If you have ever been to a fashion photo shoot that includes models, photographers, makeup, hair and stylists you will realize how it all begins. Look at the magazines on all the racks in the food stores. It’s almost ironic, because here we are reading these magazines leaning on our wagons full of food like potato chips. In the meantime, so many people aspire to be like the people in the magazine that probably are on such strict diets just to give us something unique to look at. Of course most of this is not a realistic look in the real world or way to live, but they do entertain most of us for sure. Anyway, it’s always fun to wear pieces of beautiful gold jewelry such as sideways crosses, infinity necklaces along with beautiful clothes and accessories.

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Evil Eye Jewelry Origins

Gold Evil Eye Necklace

If you have ever wondered the meaning behind the hot new trend of Evil Eye necklaces and bracelets, now we have the answer. The term evil eye is a look that is given and believed by many cultures to cause injury or bad luck to the person it’s directed to. Many cultures believe that you don’t even know it’s happening so it’s important to wear a symbol such as another evil eye to ward the look off.  Some cultures even feel that wearing an evil eye not only keep the bad wishes away, but puts them back on the people doing them.

Celebrities Wearing Evil Eye Jewelry

Over the years this has just turned into a cool piece of jewelry and it makes people take notice. It’s incredible how products like this evolve into great gifts. One of the ways that these became so popular is that so many Hollywood celebrities have made this a staple in their collection. The gold versions of these usually have an enamel center to show the colors of the eye. It really doesn’t matter if you wear this as a necklace or bracelet, because overall they are beautiful pieces. We are sure that gold Evil Eye bracelets and necklaces are a trend that will last for many years to come.

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The 4 C’s of Diamonds

The subject of Diamonds is very broad, a diamond’s cost is based on the characteristics known as the “4 C’s” (carat, color, clarity and cut). These are the industry standards utilized by many jewelers around the world. While clarity is frequently assumed to be the most important factor of all the “C’s”, in fact, color and cut (especially cut) have a more profound affect on the visual appearance of a diamond.

Carat:  Translates into the actual size of a diamond. Just like how a dollar is made up of 100 pennies, a one carat diamond contains 100 points, ¾ carat contains 75 points, etc.

The word “carat” comes from the seed of the carob tree pod which is found in tropical climates. These seeds were used until this century to weigh precious gems.

Color: The color of diamonds can range a great deal, the most common range is known as white to a yellow color. Increasing degrees of body color are measured on a scale ranging from no color at all (D) to deeply colored (Z).  The most common range is between D-J.

Clarity: The clarity grade of a diamond refers to the amount of inclusions in a diamond, which are the natural flaws that are in a diamond. Clarity is measured on a scale ranging from pure (flawless) to heavily included (I-3). The final clarity grade is usually determined by how easy the inclusions and blemishes are for the grader to see.

Cut:   Most people refer to this as the shape, but it also explains the proportions of a diamond. Sometimes the forgotten “C”, ensures that a given stone has maximum brilliance and sparkle which would not be the case if the stone was cut for weight alone.

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