Evil Eye Jewelry Origins

Gold Evil Eye Necklace

If you have ever wondered the meaning behind the hot new trend of Evil Eye necklaces and bracelets, now we have the answer. The term evil eye is a look that is given and believed by many cultures to cause injury or bad luck to the person it’s directed to. Many cultures believe that you don’t even know it’s happening so it’s important to wear a symbol such as another evil eye to ward the look off.  Some cultures even feel that wearing an evil eye not only keep the bad wishes away, but puts them back on the people doing them.

Celebrities Wearing Evil Eye Jewelry

Over the years this has just turned into a cool piece of jewelry and it makes people take notice. It’s incredible how products like this evolve into great gifts. One of the ways that these became so popular is that so many Hollywood celebrities have made this a staple in their collection. The gold versions of these usually have an enamel center to show the colors of the eye. It really doesn’t matter if you wear this as a necklace or bracelet, because overall they are beautiful pieces. We are sure that gold Evil Eye bracelets and necklaces are a trend that will last for many years to come.

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So Much Hype With The Sideways Cross

Celebrities Wearing The Sideways Cross

We love all the hype in Hollywood with the new Sideways Cross still trending upward and being such an incredible hot item. It’s amazing how famous people wear an item and then the next thing it’s appearing in all the fashion magazines. These look great on everyone and can also be seen on TV and Movie Stars in so many place. Then everyone wants one immediately!

White Gold Sideways Cross by Jewelry Megastore

Another reason it’s so popular is because it’s just a very cool way to show your faith instead of the standard style cross that has been around for so long. It’s a great way to show your beliefs with one of these. The two versions that have been so extremely popular are the Gold Sideways Cross and the Sterling Silver Sideways Cross. Whatever you wind up choosing will surely be a great conversation piece.

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Gisele Bundchen Has Baby!

Gisele Bundchen is making headlines again because of the baby she just had! She always looks great and we are sure she will make a great mom. We think she needs to wear more jewelry though and hoping that she buys from Jewelry Megastore. The Hollywood stars seem to love the Sideways Cross Necklaces so much and we think she would look great in one!


Melissa Rycroft-Tony Dovolani Win Dancing With The Stars!

Melissa Rycroft-Tony Dovolani Dancing With The Stars Winners

Everyone has been waiting for this moment for a very long time and the world was so excited for Dancing With The Stars winners Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani. This show has become so incredibly popular and it’s so great families come together to watch shows like this. We are really happy that she likes to wear lots of jewelry like earrings and bracelets. We noticed that so many Hollywood stars including ones on this show have been wearing the hot new Sideways Cross Necklace. We have a big selection of them at Jewelry Megastore for our customers as well.


Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova!

Real Barbie-Valeria Lukyanova Ukraine Model

The controversial real Barbie doll is making headlines again. Valeria Lukyanova claims she has not had plastic surgery to look like this. We like her earrings and we have an amazing selection of styles as well. You can read the entire story on ABC news website as well, which we found very interesting. When your done with that feel free to check out all the amazing styles at Jewelry Megastore made for all women and not just plastic Barbie Dolls.


Eddie Murphy’s New Girlfriend Paige Butcher!

Eddie Murphy-Paige Butcher

Eddie Murphy has been seen dating Paige Butcher a beautiful model. Eddie Murphy is the second highest grossing actor in the US. We hope that he buys her really nice holiday presents. Preferably a nice pair of diamond studs from Jewelry Megastore would be great since we have such a nice selection!

Tim Tebow & Camilla Belle Together!

Tim Tebow and Camilla Belle have been seen out together, but we never know if these type things are a rumor or not! Let’s hope they get married someday and she gets a nice diamond wedding ring from Jewelry Megastore. We noticed she has a nice pair of gold hoop earrings on and hope she shops on our website for more.

Star Wars 7 Update!

Star Wars

We all want to know how George Lucas selling Star Wars to Disney will effect the 7th part of the saga. The special effects should be absolutely amazing, but the big question is how will the final story turn out. We are looking forward to this for sure! We want to know if the Star Wars jewelry will be popular. Does such a thing even exist! We do think Princess Leia could use a pair of gold hoop earrings to dress up that cool hair a little. Maybe Han Solo or Luke Skywalker need to wear a gold chain to dress up those outfits a little as well from Jewelry Megastore.

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Married!

Jessica Biel-Justin Timberlake’s New Wife
We had no idea how serious this couple was, but it looks like they are! We are really happy for Jessica  Biel and Justin Timberlake and wish them all the best on getting married in Italy. Her diamond wedding ring must be amazing like the ones you can buy on our site at Jewelry Megastore. We are pretty sure that Jessica has great taste in all kinds of jewelry and hopefully Justine will give her plenty of gifts over the years to make her sparkle even more.

Kyna Treacy Model & ARod Flirting!

Kyna Treacy Model

Model & bikini designer Kyna Treacy has been seen flirting with Arod. Maybe he will even buy her a nice diamond ring someday if they stay together. No one really knows what’s going on between them, but they sure are in the news a lot. We are hoping he buys her a nice piece of jewelry from Jewelry Megastore someday! Then we will have even more to talk about. We have the latest and hottest styles like the new sideways cross, Shamballa style bracelets and so much more including custom rings.