Quartz Jewelry History

The original quartz used in jewelry was purely just large and chunky, but now those styles have been tones down in some cases. The quartz bracelets that stretch have become extremely so popular! The traditional quartz has been called rock crystal, pure or clear quartz. These have been used in hardstone carvings for centuries, but someone must have noticed that it would look nice in smaller items that could be strung and worn as jewelry. Many of the most popular ones come in various different colors such as rose,amethyst,smoky and many others. Most quartz look alike unless you look with a loupe to see the various types.

The Quartz stone belongs to the Trigonal crystal system and the ideal shape is a six side prism with pyramids on each side. The rocks usually grow into each other under high magnification so a professional can easily identify them from other minerals. They have so many bands of color within that make them absolutely magnificent to look at closely. They make great quartz jewelry items such as bracelets, necklaces and rings for sure. The quartz stretch bracelets have become so popular and people love wearing them for the unique styles.

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