The Origin Of Bracelets

We got curious on how the origin of wearing gold bracelets came up so we did some research. It’s a lot more interesting than we even realized and glad we found out so much about this! It all started with materials such as stones and wood way back in Egyptian history dating as far back as 5000 BC. We noticed in the research that the Scarab Bracelet seems to have been the most popular for sure in old times, which everyone associates with a style of Egypt. People say the the Scarab is from someone named Khepri that would help the sun go across the sky.

A tradition years later in Bulgaria started called Martenitsa and that involved putting a string of different colors to make spring come earlier. In Greece the same was done as well and some countries the type of bracelet or bangle a women wears can even show her marital status. Whatever the reason we are so happy that everyone around the world loves bracelets and jewelry so much. They have evoloved over the years and now people wear gold bracelets and silver bracelets as a fashion item all over the world.

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