How The Idea Of Giving Jewelry For Mother’s Day Began

The history or Mother’s Day is dated way back to the ancient Greek and Roman times. Many say that the true start of a holiday was with a celebration called Mothering Sunday in the UK. In the United States Mother’s Day really started to snowball when Julia Ward suggested it be a day of peace in 1872. Since then it has become very commercialized into a holiday celebrated in 46 countries around the world with flowers and jewelry for gifts.

It’s a day that has been created to make your mother feel special by reminding her you love and appreciate her. Many people give gifts including flowers and gold, silver or diamond jewelry for Mother’s Day. Gold hear pendants are a great way to symbolize love as well. Although we all know that just saying hello and telling her how much you appreciate her is probably all she wants, but nice jewelry will give her an extra smile for sure.

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