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Deal of the Day

Jewelry Megastore will always be happy to match the price of any advertised online or offline jewelry retailer. We are confident that our prices are extremely competitive and are the best prices and values you will find anyplace on gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewelry. Just send an email to with a link to the product you found on a competitor website before you make your purchase from us. Please put a link to the item you want to purchase from us as well.

The price match must be done before you purchase the item from We have the right to either match the price or advise you to purchase the item from the competition. This is in the case that it cannot be matched for incomplete information or any other reason. In some cases a match cannot be done due to precious metal price fluctuations and other supplier licensing agreements in effect.

You can even scan a copy of an advertisement from a store. The information you send must be complete with karat weights, gram weights, diamond/colored stone weights and qualities, mm sizes and all other descriptions that will help us make a determination regarding the competitiveness for the piece of jewelry.

The items to be price matched do not include items that are out of stock, used, limited quantity, rebates or bundled offers by competitive jewelry retailers. After all information is received we will email you a confirmation regarding the adjustment if determined acceptable.
Thank you.