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Over the years Sterling Silver has become extremely well known and is extremely popular in the use of jewelry creations. The use of the metal in jewelry has been around for centuries. The metal everyone has come to know is made up of 92.5% pure silver and usually 7.5% of copper to increase durability.

The reason the metal has become so popular is because the price has been very reasonably priced while having a beautiful luster. Jewelers have been working with the silver for many years and are very comfortable with crafting all types of jewelry.

Our Sterling Silver earrings pendants and necklaces are created by artisans with a designer influence. The hundreds of Silver chains are available in so many variations to fit every individual need whether wearing the chain on a pendant or on its own.

In order to best care for your new jewelry a silver cleaner or polishing cloth can be used in order to remove any type of tarnish. It will always clean up nicely if you care for your silver as you do you other jewelry.

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-Sterling Silver




Sterling Silver

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