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Many consumers have come to know platinum as an extremely durable and desirable metal. It is stronger than gold and when utilized in jewelry has an amazingly brilliant luster. This luster is absolutely breathtaking and has been one of the main reasons for the popularity.


It’s also one of the hardest metals for craftsman to create jewelry with, but the beauty outweighs the difficulty many times over. The  modern techniques that are utilized for jewelry design have advanced tremendously over the years.

Platinum jewelry is more commonly utilized in bridal jewelry such as wedding bands and engagement rings. The high polished luster and durability is what makes the metal so enticing to couples worldwide.


Another unique twist to the styles created by jewelers with the precious metal is when it’s mixed with other metals such as yellow or pink gold. This gives a very desirable contrast and allure in addition to the natural beauty of the metal.  The metal is always identified with the stamps below in order to determine the purity.


Platinum is also absolutely ideal as a hypo-allergenic metal for consumers that may have sensitivities to other type materials. Platinum does contain a small percentage of other allows such as nickel, iridium, palladium, rhodium in addition to others. The reason for this use is to have a higher level of purity than most jewelry manufactured in gold.


This metal has been used for centuries and was the metal of choice for royalty and still is utilized for creation in some of the most beautiful pieces globally. 



950 Plat or Plat=95%Platinum



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