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The subject of diamonds is very broad, but they can be classified into the 4 major categories below. These are the industry standards utilized by many jewelers around the world. The information below has been written in order to give you an overview of how we determine the quality of the diamonds in the beautiful jewelry on The factors below all have a part in the overall combination that determine the value of diamonds. Please feel free to contact one of our customer service specialists if you have specific questions regarding any piece of gold, silver or platinum diamond jewelry on our website. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.  



This is the term used to describe the carat weight, which translates into the actual size of a diamond. In some cases a diamond may appear larger or small depending on the shape, which is how the weight is distributed throughout it. This will explained more in the section below regarding the cut. A very easy way to visualize the explanation of a carat weight would be to think of a dollar and how its made up of 100 pennies. A one carat diamond contains 100 points.


The color of diamonds can range a great deal and the most common range of colors is from what is known as white to a yellow color. The colors range from the letter D all the way to Z. The most common range is between D to J, but beyond that becomes various colors that include the fancy and more rare colors as well. A very popular selection of color is in the G to I areas depending on the type of jewelry that is being created by the jewelry manufacturer or designer.



The clarity grade of a diamond refers to the amount of inclusions in a diamond. These are the natural flaws that are created in a diamond as it was created many years ago in the earth. The system created many years ago by GIA has a range between "FL" meaning Flawless and "I" meaning Included. Most consumers prefer to stay in a range that the diamonds are clean and sparkle to the eye, which is in between these ranges.


This terms is often confused with the shape and it also explains the proportions of a diamond. The most desirable cut in a diamond will be as close to ideal proportions as possible including parameters for the depth and width of a diamond. 



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