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One of the hottest trends in jewelry for men and women are shamballa bracelets. The simplicity and craftsmanship in the macrame and bead bracelets are the hallmarks of style and tradition. The beads are set in delicate micro-macrame knotting in a manner that is not overly fussy or frilly, making the bracelets ideal for casual and dressy looks. Both men and women will be pleased with the dozens of styles and colors of shamballa bracelets available at Jewelry Megastore.

Every taste and style preference is found in the large selection of shamballa bracelets at Jewelry Megastore. Hematite and tiger eye beads are among the options, as well as shell pearl and crystal beads of every color. For some of the bracelets, the beads are set close together to give an uninterrupted, all-bead look to the item. Other shamballa bracelets are woven with several macrame sections between them to give a more textural look. As the color and form of the bead varies, so too does the color of macrame cording. Black and white cords are predominant, but there are a few that feature light gray, brown, pink, gold and silver cording. Jewelry Megastore is proud to carry a collection of authentic Bon shamballa bracelets, as well. The iconic pave-style crystal beads catch the light and sparkle, while the pebbled surface of the matte beads give the bracelets some gravity and tranquility. The Bon bracelets come in a range of bead variations. Some are all-pave; others are a mix of sparkling pave-style and smooth, shining beads. Bracelets also vary in the number of beads on a bracelet: some are completely encircled with beads while others have just a few show-stopper beads in the center with micro-macrame completing the bracelet. The Bon bracelets include the iconic sterling silver “bon” tag to verify its authenticity.

As with our other jewelry lines, Jewelry Megastore offers unparalleled discounts on shamballa bracelets. Most jewelry stores charge $50 to nearly $400 for shamballa bracelets. Jewelry Megastore's shamballa bracelets cost a small fraction of that amount. In addition to deeply discounted pricing, Jewelry Megastore provides exceptional customer service, hassle-free shipping, daily deals and free shipping on certain orders. Shamballa bracelets at Jewelry Megastore are bargains you don't want to miss.